Hayley Clackson - Kondi Fitness
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Hayley Clackson

Growing up in an active household, Hayley was raised to compete. She dedicated the early years of her life to becoming a competitive gymnast. She recalls being raised at the gym, spending up to twenty hours a week training. In her teenage years she transitioned from competitive gymnastics to competitive dance. She thrived in any setting where she could perform for others.

In her later teenage years, Hayley struggled with body image issues, resulting in her early departure from competitive dance. During her recovery Hayley advocated for the right to keep physical activity in her life, and firmly believes moderated exercise should be incorporated into everyones life.
Hayley tried her first Kondi class a year ago, and was immediately hooked. She has become obsessed with the feeling she gets after completing an early morning HITT class. Kondi has not only done wonders for her body, but her mind as well. Hayley has never felt more secure in her own skin. She is finally proud to be strong, fit and has developed the ability to push herself to new limits.