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Lacey Kondi-Kondi Fitness

Lacey Kondi

Founder | Lead Trainer
Lisa Kondi-Kondi Fitness

Lisa Kondi

Certified Trainer
Ludo Ros-Kondi Fitness

Ludo Ros

Certified Trainer
Travis Dunn-Kondi Fitness

Travis Dunn

Certified Trainer
Yael Chastny-Kondi Fitness

Yael Segal

Certified Trainer
Grace Fung-Kondi Fitness

Grace Fung

Certified Trainer
Mariah Friedrich-Kondi Fitness

Mariah Friedrich

Certified Trainer
Torin Nikiforuk-Kondi Fitness

Torin Nikiforuk

Certified Trainer
Brenda Sauser-Kondi Fitness

Brenda Sauser

Certified Trainer
Megan Kirkpatrick-Kondi Fitness

Megan Kirkpatrick

Certified Trainer


About Lacey


Lacey found her passion for fitness when she was very young and was a BCRPA certified trainer teaching classes at the YMCA at only 16.


Since then Lacey has added certifications in Pilates, Prenatal Pilates, and her true passion, Callanetics. In 2008, she began to perfect her own method of Callanetics based fitness which she branded The Kondi Method. In 2010, she began teaching the method in her own space, moving to the first Kondi Fitness studio in Vnacouver soon after. In 2018, she opened a second Kondi Fitness location in Vancouver's Yaletown neighbourhood.


Lacey became a mother for the first time in 2019, welcoming her daughter Livia to the world.



About Lisa


Lisa Kondi is the owner and founder of Kondi Kitchen specializing in helping people of all ages achieve a balanced lifestyle through food and health.


Her passion for cooking started at an early age, learning recipes that were handed down through her Hungarian roots in which she later modernized to include ingredients that would work to improve health, while still highlighting culinary traditions and flavours.


Lisa attended the University of Victoria where she took health, business and social justice courses working her way to complete a degree in Political Science. Her desire to start her business sparked as a result of the unhealthy options both on campus and around the city and the way in which it affected the mood, energy level and health of those eating it. Lisa knew that fresh, wholesome food should be the norm, not the exception, because everyone deserved a fair shot at healthy living.


Lisa has been doing Callanetics since Lacey started teaching in the common room of her apartment building and quickly fell in love with exercise, like her sister. Lisa became a believer of the method by doing Lacey’s online videos at home when she lived on the island and couldn’t get to Lacey’s classes. Lisa says there is nothing like the feeling you get after a Kondi workout and hopes to become a teacher in the new year.



About Ludo


Originally from France, Ludo always been in the fitness industry.


Starting with soccer at 6 years old, which he played for 20 years, he then traveled the world as a professional model. His passion for fitness and sports in general lead him to get a personal training certification by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), then a Fitness nutrition specialist by ACE, as well as TRX Suspension Training certification.


On the side, he still competes in some obstacles races (Spartan race), completed 10K, 21K, Trails and marathon races. He’s always enthusiastic about new challenges and going outside his comfort zone.



About Travis


Travis took his first Kondi class a few short months ago and was hooked right away. He enjoys a hard workout that literally leaves him dead on the floor. His fitness journey all began with his love for cardio, he did a few half marathons and loves a good spin class – anything with good music attracts him.


When he’s not at Kondi taking classes or working the desk you can find him at Lululemon on Robson. His favourite thing about Kondi is hands down the community of people who love an hour of torture. Next time you’re in the studio stop and say hi! Oh and he loves a good selfie 😉



About Yael


Yael was basically raised in the gym, starting her decorated elite rhythmic gymnastics career at the age of three. She went on to represent both British Columbia and Canada in national and international competitions and, upon retiring, transitioned into coaching to pass on her knowledge and talents to the next generation of high-performance rhythmic gymnasts.


Yael returns to Vancouver from a three-year stint in Montreal, where she balanced an international career in luxury retail with coaching at Montreal’s only Lagree studio. Throughout this experience, Yael realized that it was time to return to her athletic roots, and focus on her health and fitness career upon returning to Vancouver.


Yael has followed a strictly plant-based and gluten-free diet for many years, and is passionate about raw baking and creative plant-based recipe development. She is an avid fan of early morning workouts, hip-hop music, fashion, and everything health and wellness. Yael holds a degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and is fluent in Russian.



About Grace


Grace started training at Kondi studio in 2013 and instantly met her match. After leaving each class feeling better than when she arrived, it was only a matter of time before she wanted to become part of the Kondi Team and share in their positive outlook. She finds it remarkable how Callanetics has changed her mind, body and most importantly woken up her core!


She’s a firm believer in sweating at least once a day; there’s no better remedy to clearing the mind than getting out and being active. Although she loves the routine of a structured day, she has an incurable case of wanderlust. When she’s not in the studio you’ll find her exploring our city in search of the next hidden gem.


Next time you’re in the studio please stop and say hello, she’d love to meet you!



About Mariah


Originally from the Maritimes, Mariah is thrilled to now call Vancouver home. From brunch to craft beer to yoga to mountains, Vancouver is everything she could ask for and more. Mariah has spent most of her time in Vancouver in the fitness industry – whether it is in class or behind the desk. She loves the feeling of studio communities, and looks forward to playing a larger role in the Kondi community.


When Mariah is not at Kondi, you’ll likely find her outside hiking, skiing, or chasing after her two whippets.



About Torin


Torin is….


A Calgarian with a passion for fitness. He took his undergrad in neuroscience and kinesiology. Among these things he’s got a love for the theatrics and the outdoors. In most of his spare time he is camping and hiking with friends. Also a big fan of cooking, kayaking, and jet setting.


Quote to live by: “to travel, to experience and to learn: that is to live.” -Tenzing Norgay



About Brenda


I was born in Prince George, BC and grew up in Los Angeles, Seattle and Vancouver, BC. A career in design and marketing allowed me the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe and Asia exploring many different cultures and cuisine along the way. A passion for fitness led me to become a BCRPA certified in my early twenties. I love to teach and take great satisfaction in helping others reach their full physical potential.


If you can’t find me at Kondi Fitness, you will likely find me trying to stay warm while watching my sons hockey games at various hockey rinks throughout North America.



About Megan


Bio coming soon.