Lisa Kondi - Kondi Fitness
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Lisa Kondi

Lisa Kondi is the owner and founder of Kondi Kitchen specializing in helping people of all ages achieve a balanced lifestyle through food and health.

Her passion for cooking started at an early age, learning recipes that were handed down through her Hungarian roots in which she later modernized to include ingredients that would work to improve health, while still highlighting culinary traditions and flavours.

Lisa attended the University of Victoria where she took health, business and social justice courses working her way to complete a degree in Political Science. Her desire to start her business sparked as a result of the unhealthy options both on campus and around the city and the way in which it affected the mood, energy level and health of those eating it. Lisa knew that fresh, wholesome food should be the norm, not the exception, because everyone deserved a fair shot at healthy living.

Lisa has been doing Callanetics since Lacey started teaching in the common room of her apartment building and quickly fell in love with exercise, like her sister. Lisa became a believer of the method by doing Lacey’s online videos at home when she lived on the island and couldn’t get to Lacey’s classes. Lisa says there is nothing like the feeling you get after a Kondi workout and hopes to become a teacher in the new year.