Sandy Ewert - Kondi Fitness
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Sandy Ewert

Sandy became a BCRPA certified trainer several years ago while she was teaching elementary school in the Okanagan. She has always had a deeply rooted passion for health, wellness and supporting others in realizing their full potential. After moving to Vancouver and taking a several year hiatus from being a trainer Sandy found her fitness home at Kondi. The community, the trainers and the energy of the studio always leave Sandy feeling energized and grounded.


In her 30’s Sandy has adopted a more wholistic approach to fitness and overall health and swears by energy work, meditation and LOTS of sleep! She likes to think of Kondi classes as a cheaper form of therapy. As a school counsellor and trainer Sandy strives to support others in finding their true north, digging deep, and most importantly allowing others to realize “you’re stronger than you think you are.”