Talia Bailey - Kondi Fitness
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Talia Bailey

Talia fell in love with Kondi Studio when she tried her first class a few years ago and was instantly hooked. She knew that one day she had to join the team and be part of the Kondi community.


Talia is an elementary school teacher and you can find her teaching the fundamentals of learning to her kindergarteners. Talia has always had two passions: firstly, supporting early childhood learners and watching them grow and secondly, being faithfully committed to her fitness. It’s hard for Talia to go a day without working out at Kondi; there‚Äôs no better feeling for her than finishing an amazing HIIT class, sweaty as can be. She is a strong believer in Kondi and loves how you can push yourself in the cardio sets and tone your body through the strength sets.


Most of all, Talia loves Vancouver and walking in Kitsilano, trying new coffee shops and, most of all, getting her butt kicked at Kondi. Come by the studio to say hello!