Yael Chastny - Kondi Fitness
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Yael Chastny

Yael was basically raised in the gym, starting her decorated elite rhythmic gymnastics career at the age of three. She went on to represent both British Columbia and Canada in national and international competitions and, upon retiring, transitioned into coaching to pass on her knowledge and talents to the next generation of high-performance rhythmic gymnasts.


Yael returns to Vancouver from a three-year stint in Montreal, where she balanced an international career in luxury retail with coaching at Montreal’s only Lagree studio. Throughout this experience, Yael realized that it was time to return to her athletic roots, and focus on her health and fitness career upon returning to Vancouver.


Yael has followed a strictly plant-based and gluten-free diet for many years, and is passionate about raw baking and creative plant-based recipe development. She is an avid fan of early morning workouts, hip-hop music, fashion, and everything health and wellness. Yael holds a degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and is fluent in Russian.