NEW! HIIT Legs & Abs

Kondi Fitness’ newest class is HIIT Legs and Abs. It combines 2 sets of High Intensity Intervals Sprints and 2 sets of lower body and abdominal focused strength exercises to strength, sculpt and challenge clients the entire 50 minute session.

Bring a mat, wear runners and water

Kondi Cals

Callanetics is a non-impact exercise method which uses small controlled pulses to improve muscle tone, correct posture, and promote drastic inch loss, mostly targeting the waist, thighs, and behind. Similar to Pilates but with a wider variety of target areas, Callanetics was developed by Callan Pinckney and achieved huge success and exposure in the 1980′s through her 9 books and video set ‘Callanetics: 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours’. Using Callan’s teaching as a strong base, Lacey has infused Callanetics with the best of Pilates and strength training to create her own unique Kondi Method.


This unique class combines the best of both worlds by incorporating both of our TRX and Callanetics methods. Combo provides a variety of toning and strength benefits for the body due to its wide variety of exercise options. The first 30 minutes consists of a total body TRX workout to strengthen and tone while also activating your cardiovascular system. We then move onto 30 minutes of Callanetics to lengthen and tighten your muscles. Combo is fast becoming one of our studios most asked for classes and is a great option for any new comers looking to experience a little taste of our most popular exercise methods.


This class is another creation of founder Lacey Kondi’s innovative fitness mind! She can’t take all the credit however, as it was inspired by her many clients who wanted a class that combined the cardio aspect of H.I.I.T. with the body-shaping benefits of Callanetics. It starts off with 10-15 minutes of fat-melting, calorie-burning interval training on the treadmills and then moves into a Callanetics set for the next 15 minutes to lengthen, strengthen, tighten, and tone the entire body. This is repeated twice for a full 60 minute cardio and toning sweat session!

TRX Resistance

This new Kondi Studio class is specifically designed for advanced clients. It uses a layout similar to our standard TRX class but brings in new and challenging exercises using resistance bands. Your muscles will not know what hit them as you alternate between TRX and resistance band exercises for a high paced, core blasting, upper body sculpting, one of a kind Kondi workout!

This new Kondi Studio New to Kondi? Try one of our TRX or Combo classes before you tackle this beast!

HIIT Combo

This class brings the best of both our HIIT and Combo classes together in a new exciting way. This high intensity class features 3 cardio segments with 3 fast paced strength combinations, including TRX, resistance bands and Kondi Callanetics. This class is meant to keep you on your toes and promises to get you sweaty!

This is one of our more advanced classes, we recommend trying a HIIT and/or Combo class first.


H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) just may be the best workout you can pack into an hour. Our H.I.I.T. class is the ultimate fat burning, body sculpting class! Interval training is defined as a workout that alternates between high and low intensity periods of activity. This class flies by as clients switch back and forth between the treadmill and TRX stations in 10-12 minute periods. Not only can you burn between 500 and 1000 calories in one class, H.I.I.T. actually helps your body keep burning calories at a higher rate for the next 36 hours! This is the #1 way to melt fat and lose body weight. Get ready to sweat!


TRX Suspension Training is the latest and most effective way to safely strength train people of all ages and athletic ability. Originally invented by a Navy SEAL, this core-focused workout uses your own body weight and angle to determine the difficulty. With your core as your anchor, TRX allows for a wide range of total body and muscle-focused strength training moves without the use and risk of injury that accompany training with free weights. Don’t be intimidated though, TRX is a fun and challenging class for all fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes.