Vaccine Passport / Covid-19 Studio Protocols

Updated September 10th, 2021

Vaccine Passport Status

As of September 13th 2021, all clients must show proof of their vaccination status along with a government issued ID. Once we have verified your status, we will update this in your personal profile in MindBody to ensure efficient future visits.


Please arrive 10 minutes before class starts to give extra time for the verification process, you will not have to show your verification every visit. Once you have shown your proof and we have this uploaded into MindBody you can join 5 minutes before your class.


If you are not vaccinated, or do not intend on being vaccinated, we are happy to hold your current pass for the duration of the Public Health Order.
Please email to let us know you need a hold.

Mask Policy

You are required to wear a mask when you enter, exit and walk around in our studios. You may remove your mask while working out on your treadmill and mat.

Changes for classes and client/ staff safety

  • We have made the proper adjustments to our studios for the safety of our staff and clients while working out in small private or semi-private settings ( 6-8 PPL in both 2000 square foot studios).


  • We are cleaning and disinfecting with top grade disinfectant, Saniblend-citron. We have individual hand sanitizer sprays on each treadmill, hand gel and spray at the front desk, in change room and near water fountain.


  • Masks and gloves are provided for staff. If a client forgets a mask, we have them available for a $1 purchase. We have individual mouth covers for teachers for mic use. We have gloves for teachers to wear while working.


  • Staff wears the mask all shift. Clients can remove only one their mat during class and or on there machine (treadmill) mask is worn any time before/after or in-between.


  • Class sizes have been reduced to social distancing until we are out of Phase 4. Treadmills are spaced out and facing the wall not one another and not next to one another.


  • Classes are spaced out 15+ minutes apart to ensure clients have time to come and leave properly with minimal cross over. Teachers lock the door when a class starts and reopens the door when the class finishes. We have extra benches outside each studio if a client arrives before the 5-minute time to their pre-booked class.


  • Access to treadmills will be allowed only 3 minutes before hand to your booked class, make sure you check in with our front desk before you enter the studio past the front desk.


  • Private training session available (max 3 ppl/ private session). Please email if you are interested.

Tools and facility use for your booked classes


  • Clients bring their own mats, we have pre used disinfected mats for purchase and rent if clients don’t have one. This will last until Phase 4 is lifted.


  • Locks are not available until Phase 4 is lifted, you are welcome to bring your own lock or rent a lock for a $2.50 charge. Please come to class prepared and dressed for your class, leave valuables at home.


  • Shower facilities, eucalyptus cold towels, bathroom products will not be available until Phase 4 is lifted. Paper towel for hands in bathrooms only.


  • Individual hand sanitizers at each treadmill.


  • One client max at a time in the change room at South Granville, two clients max in change room/bathroom at one time at Yaletown. ***Again, please change at home and use the washroom as minimal as possible.***


  • One clean towel will still be provided at the start of each class; we do strongly suggest you bring your own.


  • The water fountain will still be usable as needed, ideally come with water bottle filled or purchase a Flow at the front desk.


  • All fitness tools used in classes aka TRX’S, resistance band handles/ straps, rings, small balls, ankle resistance bands, weights will be disinfected after your class and not reused the following class.


  • No cash at this time, credit card only that is on your profile